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Half Litre Premium Empty Bottle With 28mm Flip top Cap For Neemyl (Set of 500 Bottles & Cap)


Half Litre Premium Empty Bottle with Green 28 mm Flip Top Cap for Neemyl

QUANTITY :- Set of 500 Bottles with Cap


  1. Empty bottles bag of 500 bottles could not be shipped from any courier or logistics services due to it’s huge big dimension.

  2. You have to provide your nearest Transport Name & Address to book empty bottles bag from it. Delivery will be upto their godown only.

  3. Minimum Freight charges of transport will be “To Pay”, shipping cost is not included in this price.

  4. Transport may take longer time due to lockdown in some states & district, containment zones & warehouses working with less or limited staff. You have to keep patience for delayed services.

  5. It may take upto 10 -15 days or more depending on your location or current lockdown situation.

  6. Empty bottle are breakable in nature and thus some bottle may break during transportation even after very good packing.

  7. We do not claim any guarantee of damage or broken bottle being delivered. Although we take care of good packing, still if empty bottles break during shipping, we will not be responsible or accept any returns.

  8. Before Ordering check if any transport is available from Indore M.P to your city, then only place order.

  9. We do not accept any refund or returns due to any reason once Empty bottle has been shipped.




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