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Tulsi Massage Gel by Prernayam maptrons

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Tulsi massage Gel Ingredients Kit

Part 1 – Aloevera gel kit to make 3 kg

1. Aloin gel powder 20gm

2. Gel thickner 10 ml

3. Presol powder 5gm

4. Water required 3 litres

Part 2 – Tulsi Powder Extract 250 gm


STEP 1. Take aloin gel powder 20 gm in a bowl, add 3 litre water & mix it. use hand grinder to mix lumps.

STEP 2. Add Gel thickner 10ml & mix. it will become thick gel.

STEP 3. Add 5gm presol powder to preserve it. Done.

PART 2 . Add Tulsi powder extract 250 gm in 3 kg aloevera gel & mix. Done, ready to use.

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1 review for Tulsi Massage Gel by Prernayam maptrons

  1. Mayur Prajapati

    Your product are really very good I am really interested in starting a whole range of beauty products in Herbal form can you please help me in doing this?

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