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Cream Base Toilet Cleaner Kit to make 65 kg

(6 customer reviews)


Extra thick Cream base toilet cleaner kit

Ingredients to make 65 kg

  1. Glaxicol Paste 4 Kg
  2. Wax 4 Kg
  3. Color – blue – 2 gm
  4. Perfume – Citrus – 10 gm
  5. Water needed from 42 to 57 litres

How to make :-

Step.1 Take 4 kg wax & add 42 litres water. Heat it on gas burner until wax melts completely.

Step.2 Cool it down under fan while continuously stirring it to avoid lumps. After 40 min.leave it for at least 1 day so that thick cream is ready.

Note:- Cream will only get properly thick after 1 day of making it.

Step.3 Add Glaxicol paste 4 kg in this 46 kg cream emulsion & mix it throughly.

Step.4 Take blue colour powder 2gm & mix it with little water to make a colour solution & add it.

Step.5 Now in last add Perfume Orange Citrus 10 gm & mix it well. Done ! Your extra thick organic toilet cleaner is ready.

Step.6 Add more water to adjust thickness & make total upto 65 kg with this kit.

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6 reviews for Cream Base Toilet Cleaner Kit to make 65 kg

  1. Ramesh kumar verma

    Very illustrative and easy way to make .thanks a lot

  2. Vishal vichurkar

    Amazing product. Literally excellent result and better than Harpik or other brands. I have used it myself and buying in bulk quantity from Maptrons since last 1 year. Now it is extra thick and perfumed and at much lower rate.

  3. Abhishek sharma

    Great video & great Product. Truly Organic product & easy to make. I have just received my order from maptrons.

  4. Deepake panday

    Very nice

  5. Ashwani Mishra

    Please give me 1set toilet cleaner kit

  6. Fazal Karim

    I made this product but did not get satisfactory result.

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