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Organic Car Dashboard/ Tyre POLISH


To Make Total 16 Kg Dashboard Polish

@175 Rs Per Kg X 16Kg = 2800Rs.

{Including Shipping & Gst}


1. ‘WAXOBIND’ Wax Compound – 1Kg

2. LIPID Solution – 5 Kg

3. Presol Powder – 20 Gms (Preservative)

3. Water Required – 10 Kg

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE :- car dashboard polish pdf



PROCESS TO MAKE 16 KG BATCH Dashboard Polish

“PART 1”

(Make Cream Emulsion from Wax Compound 1 kg)

Step.1- Take a steel vessel of capacity 10kg.

Step.2- Add Wax Compound 1 kg.

Step.3- Add Water 10 kg.

Step.4- Heat it on the gas burner for 5-7 min

or until wax melts down completely with water.

As it melts it will start converting into white emulsion. (Stir it slowly while heating)

Step.5- Stop the gas burner after it melts & becomes homogenous white emulsion.

Step.6- Cool it down under a fan for 10-15 min while stirring it slowly to prevent dry layer.

Step.7- Make a solution of presol powder 20gm with little water & add it in this emulsion to extend it shelf life for upto 2 years.

& Leave it overnight or 24 hours as it is.

“PART 2”

(Adding Lipid Solution in this cream emulsion)

Step.8- Add 5 kg Lipid Solution in 11kg cream emulsion that you have prepared in Part 1

& Mix it very well until homogenous. DONE! READY


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