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Prernayam Herbal Hair Oil

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Prernayam Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil 100ml


Prernayam Shikakai Herbal Shampoo 300 ml

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Prernayam Herbal Hair Oil Created by 21 rare & precious herbs

Mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic Grantha

  • Bhringraja केशराज – Boosts blood circulation | Promotes hair growth
  • Amalaki आँवला – biggest reasons behind hairfall is inadequate Vitamin C in the diet which it is packed with.
  • Fenugreek Seeds मेथी दाना – Prevents hair loss, removes dryness.
  • Jatamansi – Controls premature greying | Enhance hair color
  • Manjistha – Promotes faster and healthier hair growth
  • Lodhra – Excellent coolant with medicinal properties
  • Hibiscus गुड़हल – Rejuvenates hair growth | Promotes hair growth
  • Flaxseeds अलसी —  It can prevent hair fall by treating dry and damaged scalp
  • Curry Leaves कड़ी पत्ता – supplies nourishment to your follicles, increases hair growth.
  • Aloevera घृत कुमारी – It also looks after the overall scalp health by removing dandruff
  • Camphor कपूर – It soothes the scalp & provides soothing aroma.
  • Neem Leaves नीम – gives antibacterial and antifungal power to hair
  • Brahmi ब्राह्मी –Stimulates hair growth
  • Banyan Tree Aerial roots बरगद की जड़ – provide great hair growth, strength and longevity. 
  • Wheat germ oil गेहूं के बीज का तेल – Provides Vitamin E for hair growth
  • Sida Cordifolia बाला पंचांग – helps revive the volume of hair
  • Sesame oil तिल का तेल – Strengthens hair follicles
  • Symplocos racemosa लोध्र – prevents premature graying of hair and stops hair loss.
  • Red sandalwood रक्त चन्दन – stimulate blood circulation for optimal hair growth
  • Withania somnifera अश्वगंधा – gives nourishment to hair follicles
  • Peppermint crystals – relaxes mind with soothing effect.

How to apply Prernayam Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Step 1: Apply it before bedtime and massage scalp gently for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 2: Apply on scalp with fingers

Step 3: Place it on the affected area

Step 4: Gently massage the scalp

Step 5: Rinse with mild/chemical free shampoo the next morning

  • Witness hair repair and re-growth Instantly within months.

HAIR PROBLEMS – The root cause

Having long and luscious hair is almost everyone’s dream. Hair loss is today one of the most acute problems hampering the lifestyle of millions the world over. Baldness, rapid hair fall, hair thinning, etc are gender neutral as they are affecting both men and women. Most people experiencing hair issues do not even enjoy social life as they feel embarrassed to step out. This affects their emotional balance and wellbeing. Genetics, lifestyle disorders, scalp/hair related ailments, dandruff, high stress, etc are some of the most common factors driving hair problems. The market is full of short term solutions which involve spending Lakhs of Rupees on treatments like hair/follicle transplantation, laser therapy, Minoxidil, stem cell therapy, etc. More often than not, these costly solutions do not deliver belying their exorbitant price tags. Scientists and doctors have been striving relentlessly to address baldness and other hair related issues for several years with limited results. However, the good news is that a recent study authenticated the definitive role of certain herbs in comprehensively and permanently addressing hair and scalp issues. Maptrons- Prernayam proudly introduces the time tested and trusted herb formula aptly called as herbHair. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution to all hair and scalp problems.


Hair Growth & Repair

The high-quality product addresses a wide variety of internal imbalances thanks to its unique formulation; over 100 rare herbs are used in making HerbHair with zero chemicals. It helps to strengthen hair, control dandruff, nourishes the hair follicles and scalp, promotes healthy hair growth.

Blended with 21+ Rare Herbs

HerbHair helps in strengthen the Hair, fight against thinning, graying and helps in eradicating dandruff. Where, HerbHair consists of Shikakai, Amla, & Neem ingredients which helps in eradicating dandruff.

Magical results with Weekly Twice Usage

Apply Prernayam Herbal Hair oil and gently massage on the scalp for about 10-15 minutes before going to bed. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning with a mild shampoo. Apply it minimum weekly twice to experience good results. For better results use daily for the first 15 days.


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